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Dec 25, 2021

Happy Holidays edition of Don’t Die, Bob goes to Fetty village, permissive, ultimate democratic society and the toll its taking, words have power, Disneyland at Christmas time and the public masturbator, vaccine mania yet nothing get done about the opioid crisis, artists that have messages, Frank Baum’s the...

Dec 17, 2021

Shifting perspective in counseling from psychiatry, Methadone clinics back in the day, a new model is needed, knowing your kids, the don’t die suboxone clinic will play all our favorite tv shows

Dec 6, 2021

Fetty hotels, stop giving drug addicts free money, Bob is not a republican, crime is ridiculous and out of control, Bob takes Syd to BTS,

Nov 16, 2021

Bob, Chuk and Mike, Astroworld, Fentanyl, overdosing is normal for some, we admit we are out numbered, anxiety and society, adventures in RV’ing, best to just stay home, Bobs RV is FOR SALE, More mandates? WTF is with the Qanon, remembering the Thomas guide,

Nov 5, 2021

Bob, Chuk and Mike talking about the new book by Evan Haines and Bob Forrest, different types of treatments, Chuk puts Mike thru the first week of rehab, muddy soccer fields, Cocaine and wine prices are still about the same today, Fred Brownell Holllywood old timer, the rule makers, to the wives written by a Bill WTF,...