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Apr 28, 2021

Bob, Chuk and Mike review Bobs disco days in Huntington beach, Chuk records with Jim Kaa, and talks about his brothers death, Bob is alone at home with the kids, music and how it touches everyone in different ways, where do all the angry people on the internet go, optimistic outlook on what’s to come, LSD stories,...

Apr 21, 2021

Bob, Chuk and Mike. Pee for profit, Insurance paper work, CDC study, nursing homes in Florida, rent prices in la, where to live cheap, homeless,
affordable housing and mental health, internet is Satan, Music and how to spend your last 7000 days on earth.

Apr 14, 2021

Bob, Chuk and Mike Just stay alive and don’t die kids, Insurance companies vs actual recovery, pee testing ethics, lock down and opening up, Bob sneaks into Dodger stadium opening day, jails and cop beatings

Apr 7, 2021

Bob talks with Mike about his delivery day and the unsettling moments of the last few days, crowded hospitals, homeless everywhere, older dads and golfing with Flea