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Feb 24, 2022

More on Chuks nuts, rehabs dealing with Covid protocol, is Kanye the messiah?, Mikes Junkie news, Bobs drug stories, hard line old-timers, Mark Lanagan’s death, Seattle, Eddie Vedder and The Earthlings, our brotherman Mark Smith, moving out of state

Feb 11, 2022

Chuk has a hernia operation and oh boy, using Narcan needs to be explained, grateful to be here, suicide and depression and being able to talk through it, coping skills, relationships, dad stuff and more shout outs 

Feb 5, 2022

Oh man is this a special treat! Chris Handsone from Thelonious Monster gives us the real poop on what happened back our using days, his album with Nate Pottker, Fragments d’histoire actuelle, he finally watched "Bob and the Monster" and lots of stories we don't...