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Dec 22, 2022

Happy Holidays and recovery from Bob Chuk and Mike

Dec 22, 2022

Bob, Chuk and Mike, Forrest comes alive come, Teslas and the humorless woke, more on shooting up with toilet water and junkie stories, Gibby Haynes Crackfinder mobile, you don’t hear rock music protesting about anything anymore, you can die waiting for healthcare in this country, win Bobs RV raffle, Mikes...

Dec 15, 2022

Bob, Chuk and Mike, Christmas sobriety stories, mental heath and meth in rehab, Bobs Christmas with Eliasa was wrong, places in Hollywood that are gone and houses Bobs lived at, dealing with family at Christmas, Chuk family history, Disneyland suicide and its either your familys fault or Lou Reeds fault.