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Feb 28, 2023

Bob, Chuk and Mike The rain and cold for a bunch of whiner Californians, addicts and chaos, phones and kids, guns, open carry, mental illness, third party, Iran contra affair, heal the division.

Feb 22, 2023

Bob Forrest, Chuk Davis and Mike Martt, Mountain Lions, rehab misconceptions, Hollywood AA, The Joneses, New York, GG Allin, Murder Junkies, Beatles, Stones, Palm Springs, racist trees, Claremont and drugs

Feb 12, 2023

Bob, Chuk and Mike. Life is in session for Bob and he retreats to the desert, Grammy and Satan talk, Museums, Guest lists, Bobs family vote, Manners and maturity, Bobs NA workout meeting story, Doing some math with the don’t die guys, Father Martin

Feb 5, 2023

Bob, Chuk and Mike are joined by Chris Wagner. Nick named Wag, he tells of early sobriety in lock down facilities and being a sober musician, producer, film composer and once member of Thelonious Monster.