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Mar 30, 2023

The Mighty Dix Denny has passed from this earth, many Dix stories from Thelonious Monster, rehab curriculum, group, regulations, does it work? David Hume theory.

Mar 16, 2023

Bob, Chuk, and Mike Its Bobs 27th anniversary and we are joined by Chris Hoy, the man that put Bob up on his couch when nobody else thought he could get sober. California sober, going out after having time, going to prison and many stories shared.

Mar 9, 2023

Bob, Chuk and Mike talk, Lee Ving and the car story, MacArthur Park, teaching and passing it on, Nick Drake, death and antidepressants, kids and trying to be a good dad, Learning from mental health experts, money for pee testing, street level teaching, pass it on