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Apr 21, 2023

Bob, Chuk and Mike, Bob becomes a grandfather! but in the middle of the story bears crawl into his car, life and death, Coachella, good treatment centers are closing, insurance companies are not paying, Hollywood 1983, God and Beck

Apr 17, 2023

Bob, Chuk and Mike, does everyone die of Fentynl these days, what the different drugs do to you, tranq, ketamine, false sense of security, digitally neutralize shooters, fame, Michael Stipe, Rick Rueben, gay clubs, the gay jail ward, Cruising, 

Apr 6, 2023

Bob, Chuk and Mike, the death rate is ever increasing in rehabs,  wasted on heroin at kids birthday party, Bob goes to a k-pop concert, ticket prices, concert staff can be rude, Ai and replacing real people, Super Mario movie comes out but at midnight, classic movies, Sonic the Hedgehog makes Bob cry.