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Apr 21, 2018

Don’t Die is expanding and growing with another chapter in Syracuse NY, conspiracy and drug companies capitalism, talking to new drug addicts, scoring in beverly hills, god bless the coke, lies about drugs, speed vs coke, Bob the speed dealer, Bob the ripoff, Bob sings a meth song "I’m the prince of sadness"

Apr 12, 2018

Music, recovery and more music! A visit from Forrest George son of legendary Little Feat frontman and Bob and Mike’s favorite songwriter, Lowell George, Thelonious Monster history, relationships, being the son of a famous dad.

Apr 12, 2018

Bob goes on a quest for milk, junky artisan is a lost talent on today’s millennial, going to see the Tubes, humanity is being replaced with technological obedience, we need to teach real life interaction