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Nov 30, 2020

Bob, Chuk and Mike, Covid cases, testing, where’s the political support for drug addicts, America celebrates killing, societies ills, unsolicited advise

Nov 25, 2020

Bob Chuk and Mike Talk taking responsibility, Hunter S. Thompson, Bank robbery, Las Vegas, Bob leaves his apartment to Top Jimmy, Methadone stories, Weed, Doom scrolling, dog culture, Gloria Scottisms, Making amends and ending that might surprise some

Nov 18, 2020

Bob, Chuk and Mike talk about protecting the Affordable Care Act rising suicide rate, friends relapsing, Clancy and Bob, are we teaching fear to our kids and the art of honesty

Nov 3, 2020

Bob, Chuk and Mike, Bobs ok with the isolation, why Trump trucks are stupid, tax policy,health care, the fall of Purdue, overdose and death rate up, RIP Eddie Jennings, ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States……