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Feb 28, 2019

Bob, Chuk and Mike Talking about the crazy world we live in, racsim,  politically correct censorship, ignorance, Bernie, doctors, frivolous lawsuits, Bobs dog and a twisted ending involving cooking freebase in  comparison to politics.

Feb 20, 2019

Much talk about new plans, out with the old, a bright tomorrow and positive changes in rehabs, 12 step has gotten distorted, Bob’s time hanging out with Leonard Cohen, Drug talk, Music talk great local bands. 

Feb 6, 2019

Bob talks with Evan Haines, the founder of Alo Recovery House with  Neil from Don't Die Sacramento co Hosting for Chuk Davis. Lots of clinical love and talk about the future of treatment and the current state of. the origins of Alo and lots insight from both Neil and Evan.