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Aug 29, 2019

Bob reads some more poetry, the marginalization of treatment professionals, digital recovery?, treatment history and changes coming, society’s decline, Bobs spiritual retreat, honesty vs. lying, AA brainwashed mentality, serial killers, shoes, Joe Namath and the dark web

Aug 26, 2019

Bob Talks with Lori Hill and Debbie Harvey of GRASP, grief recovery after substance passing. Alo House Recovery supports their wonderful organization and would love it if you did too by attending a special event on August 31st in Santa Monica.  You can contact Lori at if you need grief support. for ...

Aug 22, 2019

Special 100th episode with Norwood Fisher of Fishbone. Bob, Mike and Norwood reminisce about Norwoods childhood, the 80’s Hollywood music scene, avoiding drug addiction, having kids, racism, The Watts Conservatory of Music and Fishbone’s love of the band Rush.

Aug 15, 2019

Boom! Bob reads some poetry and tells a story, Dopey podcast goes back up on Apple, Talk about Dopey Dave, is politically correctness out of control? Who’s going to be the next President? Bobs idea to build a Canadian wall, fishing on acid, The F word

Aug 5, 2019

Bob, Chuk and Mike talk abstinence based treatments, counselors connecting with addicts, the junkie teddy bear, Honest and loving, not indulugung self, kids and live music, uber rich, is Amazon great?, Syds Big Mac hat.