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Dec 25, 2020

Bob, Chuk and Mike in a Christmas WTF episode. Why can’t some people wear a mask, more overdose death than covid, getting involved, caring about people, what’s up 2021, Bobs worst Christmas, Mikes anniversary, Texas Terri, Hillel The future is Narcan, Merry Christmas and goodnight John boy

Dec 22, 2020

Bob, Mike and guest Gil T. from Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs deliver stories from the early days of 80's Hollywood music scene.

Dec 9, 2020

Bob, Chuk and Mike on this one talk about homelessness, Bobs big announcement, Long Beach, Rik L Rik, The Simpletones, gunfights, punks that died and the ones that lived, John Lydon, Elvis Costello, Gexa X, Don Bolles, L.A the music capitol of the world?, bands from Canada and L.A. Nightclubs

Nov 30, 2020

Bob, Chuk and Mike, Covid cases, testing, where’s the political support for drug addicts, America celebrates killing, societies ills, unsolicited advise

Nov 25, 2020

Bob Chuk and Mike Talk taking responsibility, Hunter S. Thompson, Bank robbery, Las Vegas, Bob leaves his apartment to Top Jimmy, Methadone stories, Weed, Doom scrolling, dog culture, Gloria Scottisms, Making amends and ending that might surprise some