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Jul 31, 2020

Masks, Isolation, zoom meetings, HIV, getting loaded because of being in isolation is a cop out, Drinking! we go old school and talk about alcohol, more Gloria Scott wisdom, homeless bob stories, poop of course, The Lingerie night club scene in Hollywood back in the day and Karens

Jul 24, 2020

Special episode on the second anniversary of the overdose death of Chris from Dopey, Dave from Dopey and Don’t Die guys kick off Chrismiss in July and remember Chris, talk about Drugs, Death and dumb other stuff. Dave comes up with the slogan to end all slogans Sh*ts tough, do your best, f**king carry on.

Jul 21, 2020

Bobs history and update about The Bicycle Thief 20th anniversary re-release of “You come and go like a pop song”, recovery songs, songs that romanticize drug use, moral responsibility of sobriety

Jul 15, 2020

People are committing suicide, People are being lied too, Virus life and changes, Predictions for November, Time to get rid of the old brigade, favorite all time concerts debate and none of us agreed