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Jul 21, 2021

Bob, Chuk and Mike,  Fentanyl in everything, Bobs new campaign to just outlaw it, Bob pees sitting down? Masks, Vaccines and Ohana Fest

Jul 12, 2021

Bob, Chuk and Mike talk about acronyms in treatment professionals, swallowing crack in jail, hiding heroin balloons and getting arrested before computers

Jul 2, 2021

Bob, Chuk, Mike and guest Wiley Dailey, part two with Wiley because we had so many rock star stories, Lou Reed/Laurie Anderson, Julio Iglesias, Jerry Lee Lewis, Priscilla Presley, Bob Dylan uses the Elvis Presley death toilet, Marlon Brando, Orson Welles, treating addicts like babies and recovery

Jun 18, 2021

The wonderful Wiley Dailey comes on and talks about our history in LA with Bands such as The Chili Peppers, The Circle Jerks, the concerts we’ve been to, working the stages, Coachella, being sober, The Kings, The Lakers, The Dodgers Bobs ability to get free drugs and of course his dog Kobe

Jun 12, 2021

Bob, Chuk and Mike are back after a few weeks of downtime and an all new sponsor talking about music festivals coming back, Bobs new sober living house that employs Social Model Detox without drugs and its working! therapy works but sobriety has to be number one or you won’t achieve it, the unlikely transition from...