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Apr 29, 2022

Bobs 2nd weekend @coachella with the kids, contracts Covid, Our Ohana fest storytellers stage date is in the planning, this was recorded the night he got sick, that night Idris, Bobs infant ended up in the hospital and segment update at the end.

Apr 22, 2022

Bob, Chuk and Mike, Bob @coachella meets YouTube gamer CouRageJD, upcoming @Ohanafest, junkie news, great songwriters, Neil Young, Eddie Vedder, Mudhoney,, Rap, The Band 

Apr 16, 2022

Bob, Chuk and Mike, Idris gets an infected eye, kids and creeks, health care, momentum, songs, songwriting, Ohana fest line up

Mar 18, 2022

Bob, Chuk and Mike, we’re still here, cynicism towards rehabs, do the research, about the cost, The Dalai Lama, lack of insight, junkie news, talking to kids your about drugs

Mar 9, 2022

Bob, Chuk and Mike, teaching your kids without shielding them from whats really going on in the world, how it translates to adults in treatment,  Bobs full account of his 80s run in with the secret service, the EV concert bathroom incident, Ukraine and Americans